Autumn trip on 16th October

Join us on the APK autumn trip on Saturday 16th October 2021! This time we’re going to Ankka–Nautela trail in Lieto. On the trip we get to gaze at the tallest rapid of Aurajoki and get to know the Lieto nature. Note that the walking distance of the route is about 10 kilometers, but the route isn’t too difficult terrain-wise.

We start our trip from the Nautelankoski parking area at 11:15am. We’ll travel there together with the Föli bus 602 that leaves from Puutori station in Turku at 10:19 am. The route ends near the Ankka suburb and we’ll try to make it back to the University bus stop in Turku with the Föli bus 6 leaving the suburb at either 5:20pm or 5:50pm. 

The trip is free for members who have paid their membership fee (you can also join during the trip!), or you can pay just for the trip in which case the participation fee is 5 €. We provide small snacks. Everyone should take with them a bottle of water and other snacks as necessary. Register today with the form at !

You can check out the route beforehand here (unfortunately only in Finnish):

If you’re late, notify us via phone at 050 378 0711 so we’ll know to wait for you.

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