Cottage trip to Vienola on the weekend 8-10.3.2024

Welcome to join our cottage trip on the weekend 8-10.3.2024. The cottage is called “Vienola” (here is a Finnish language page about it ). At the cottage we will relax in good company, eat well, enjoy the surrounding nature and have sauna. The cottage is located at the address Peltolantie 211, Naantali. The cottage has electricity and running water. There are mattresses, pillows and duvets at the cottage, but you will need to take your own bed sheets and pillowcase with you. It’s also possible to sleep outdoors near the cottage, and APK has a few tents, sleeping bags, and sleeping mats that can be borrowed if requested.

On Friday you can arrive at the cottage from 17:00 onwards. The cottage is about 5 km walking distance from Rymättylä. You can get to Rymättylä with the Föli bus “N2”, which departs from Naantali (you can get from Turku to Naantali with e.g buses 6 or 7). You can also come there by car. We will decide about possible carpools etc. later with the participants. On Sunday we will leave the cottage around 13 a clock. You will need to buy the Föli bus tickets yourself.

Packing list:

  • Waterproof and warm clothes for outdoor activities
  • Change of clothes
  • Eating utensils (bowl, cup and cutlery). Most likely there will be enough utensils at the cottage, but just in case.
  • Bed Sheets and pillowcase
  • Towel and sitting cloth (for sauna)
  • Head lamp
  • Personal hygiene stuff (e.g. toothbrush) and medicine

Optional equipment:

  • Board-, card- or outdoor-games
  • Compass, insulating sitting mat for day trips
  • Crocs or other light shoes (e.g for ice swimming)
  • Snacks/treats
  • Tent, sleeping bag etc. (outdoor camping gear) if you want to sleep outdoors
  • Phone and charger

The trip costs 30€ for APK members and 40€ for non-members (you can also become a member for 10€ as you register for the trip, in which case the total price will be 30€ + 10€ = 40€ ). The price of the cottage trip comes from the rent of the cottage and the estimated price of food divided among the participants. Register for the trip here! There is space for 18 people . The registration closes on Wednesday 6.3 (or once the trip is full) The registration is binding. APK events are alcohol free.

Feel free to ask us if some question comes to mind! (email: hallitus at

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