Camping trip to Nötö island from 17th to 19th of May 2024

We will make a two-night trip to Nötö island, archipelago of Turku. During the trip, we will stay at the camping site next to the sea and sleep in tents or hammocks for both nights. The camping site has an outdoor toilet, drinking water, and a small shelter with a place to cook food. During the days we will walk around the island and nature paths. You can also swim in the sea if you wish. As a heads up, there are venomous snakes and ticks on the island. Nothing to be too scared about, but it’s good to wear long trousers and socks and closed-toe shoes. In the evenings it’s good to check your body if you have ticks. The APK has some camping equipment available for loan for the trip. Please note that if you need to borrow a tent, there will probably not be enough for everyone to borrow their own tent.

Departure for the trip will be from the bus station platform 3, on Friday 17th of May at 16.10 with bus number 903. Please arrive on time at the departure point. The bus arrives at the ferry harbor of Pärnäinen at 18.00 and it is a short walk to the ferry which leaves at 18.15. You can also arrive with your own car if you wish. In this case, we will meet at Saaristotie 5861, 21670 Pärnäinen at 18:00. The ferry arrives at Nötö island at 20.15. From there it is a 2km walk to the camping site. On Sunday 19th the ferry leaves from Nötö around 13.30-14 and arrives at the ferry harbor of Pärnäinen at 17.00. The bus to Turku will leave at 18.15 and arrive at the bus station at 20.15. The bus fare is around 6e one way for students and is not included in the trip payment. The ferry is free. The ferry has an indoor lounge, toilets, and a small café.

It is also possible to participate in the trip only on Sat-Sun, in which case you have to arrive in Nötö independently. On Saturday, the ferry runs from Pärnäis to Nötö at 13:30, and will arrive in Nötö at 15:30. In this case, the excursion participation fee is half (17 euros for members, 22 euros for non-members) of the entire participation fee.

Participation costs 35 € for APK members, for others 45 €. You can also become a member when registering or on the spot. Please note that the bus fare to and from the ferry harbor costs about 12e in total for students (non-students 24e). The participation fee for the excursion includes the fee for the camping site, a small snack on Friday evening, breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday. If you cancel your participation before the 15th of May, we will not charge the participation fee. For cancellations after 15 May, we will charge the fee even though you don’t show up. You can also bring your own snacks. There is a small grocery store on the island, and it should be open on Saturday 11-14.

Sign up here:  Registration closes on Wednesday 15th May at 18.00.

  • Backpack + rain cover for backpack or dry bags for your belongings inside the backpack
  • Your retkipassi (trip/trekking pass), if you have one. If you do not already have one, you can ask the organizers for one on the trip.
  • Warm and weatherproof clothing and a change of clothes. We recommend long trousers and socks to take with you due to ticks.
  • Plate + fork and knife and mug in a cloth bag and also bring a drying towel
  •  Water bottle filled. There is a water point on the island where you can refill your water later.
  • Sitting pad
  • Knife in sheath and sausage stick if you have one at home
  • Matches
  • A sleeping pad, you can also ask APK to lend you a pad.
  • Sleeping bag, you can also ask APK for a sleeping bag to borrow.
  • Tent or hammock for overnighting. You can also ask the APK for a tent to borrow.
  • Towel and swimsuit if you want to go for a swim in the sea.
  • Flip flops e.g. crocs (if you want)
  • A few plastic bags for rubbish and wet things
  • Your own snacks if you want
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste and other personal hygiene items (remember any medication). In sunny weather, sunscreen may be useful to have with you.
  • Toilet paper
  • Flashlight or headlamp
  • A power bank in case you need to charge your phone during the trip.
  • If you wish, you can bring playing cards, a book or something else to do.

If you have any questions about the excursion, please feel free to contact us.

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