Mushroom-picking trip to Raisio on 7th October 2021

Join us on the APK mushroom-picking trip on Thursday 7th October 2021! Our trip is to Hauninen basin (Haunisten allas) in Raisio. On the trip we’ll try to find some of the most common edible mushrooms in Finland and see how to identify them. The trip is not, however, a complete course for mushroom-picking and everyone is responsible for the mushrooms they pick – because of this we suggest that everyone purchases a mushroom guide book or application that you can use to practice identifying different mushrooms together with the trip guides.

We’ll leave to the trip from the Hauninen basin (Haunisten allas) parking lot at 4pm. You can get there for example using the Föli bus number 300, which leaves the Puutori PT2 stop at 3pm. The final stop of the bus line is Mylly, from which it’s about a half an hour walk to the starting point. We’ll return from the trip 7pm latest to the starting point (parking lot), from which you can walk back to Mylly and take a bus to Turku.

The trip is free. Everyone should take at least a water bottle and other snacks as necessary with them. Additionally we suggest taking with you a basket or plastic bag and a small knife (preferably a mushroom knife, ie. one with a brush in the other end). Additionally we suggest purchasing mushroom guide book or application, which you can learn to use on the trip. Register today with the registration form!

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