Moonlight trip to Vaarniemi on 23rd of February 2024

On Friday, February 23, APK will go on a moonlight trip to Vaarniemi under the (almost) full moon. You can get there by e.g. bus no. 18, which leaves from Kauppatori stop D3 at 6:15 p.m. The tour organizer jumps on this bus halfway through the trip. If you come with your own ride, the closest address you can find with the navigator is Meriläistentie 1. The bus stop where the tour starts is at the intersection of Meriläistentie and Leinikkikatu.

We walk in the moonlight to Vaarniemi fireplace where we will make S’mores. Please bring a headlamp, your own water bottle and a mug with you. The trip is free, and in addition to S’mores, we offer participants juice and tea (please bring your own thermos with hot water if possible).

Please register here for the trip on Tuesday, February 20th, at the latest:
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