APK’s Easter trip to the Ankka-Nautela nature trail on Sunday 2nd of April 2023

We will make a trip to the Ankka-Nautela nature trail on Sunday 2nd of April. The length of the nature trail is about 8 kilometers and the total walking distance during the trip is about 11 kilometers. At the beginning of the trip, we will also visit the Nautelankoski Museum, which is free for visitors.

We will departure together from the Puutori PT4 bus stop on Sunday 2nd of April at 12.40 pm by Föli bus 402. Please arrive on time. We will arrive at the Nautelankoski Museum at about 13.15 pm. We will return to Turku in the afternoon or evening with Föli bus number 6.

The trip to Ankka-Nautela is free for APK members, for others, the participation fee is 5 €. You can also become a member when registering or on the spot. The APK will provide some snacks for participants at the end of the trip, but we would prefer everyone to eat lunch at home before leaving. Please bring your own water bottle and mug, as well as your own snacks. Please dress appropriately for the trip.
Sign up here: https://forms.office.com/e/az8X8z1rRr?lang=en-GB Registration for the trip closes on Friday 31st March at 11.59 pm.

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