APK sledding trip on Saturday 11th February

Apk’s February trip to Hirvensalo’s sledding hill will take place on Saturday 12 February.  The sledding hill can be found next to the ski resort at Kakskerrantie 111.

You can join with our Boardmember Ida, who will travel to the ski resort by bus number 53, which leaves from the University of Turku stop at 1.13 pm.  If you want to come on your ride, we will gather at the ski resort parking lot at 2 pm and go downhill from there.

Sledding is free for APK members, 5 euros for non-members (you can also join on-site for 5 euros).  APK offers “Laskiaispulla” as well as juice.  The ski resort also has a café where you can buy snacks of your own. Please bring your sled, it can easily be built from cardboard and garbage bags!

There is a pre-registration for the trip here.  The closing date for registration is Friday 11.2.  at 11:59 p.m.

Please join us only if you’re healthy and remember to wear clothes according to the weather.

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